There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

I finally got an update on the repair of my turntable. I bought my Dual 1219 used from someone in Vienna. The TT was apparently part of a heritage and in acceptable condition. Once removed all the resin the core functions (speed selector, anti-skate and of course platter movement) worked like a charm. The Automatic was non functioning so was the tonearm lift. That’s the reason why I decided to bring it to someone who knows how to repair these beauties. After a  long time and the repairman being in hospital for quite some time I finally got some definitive news. The Automatic is functioning, the tonearm lift works, all parts have been serviced according to the guides released by the official manufacturer. However, the pushing rod is a bit damaged and may cause issues in the future if not replaced. So that’s the last step in this month long journey and it should be done in approximately three weeks as the supplier does not have the item in stock. So he has to order it elsewhere and send it to the guy repairing my turntable.

So I hope to get back into reviewing pretty soon!


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